Planning, Consulting, Organic Farming

Having developed more than 4 farms of our own, size 2 Acres to 20 Acres of land over the last 15years, we have learnt from the challenges a novice farmer faces. Constantly reading up on the latest developments in the field of agriculture, consulting experts and other experienced farmers and hands on experience has made us good farm planners.

We do farming using drip irrigation systems, better utilization of the available land, mixing of various flowering plants and trees in the farms etc.

We follow the organic way of farming and use natural fertilizers like farm yard manure, leaf mould, friendly bacteria and fungi etc. All this in turn makes our soil and environment better. The birds and the bees who visit our farm are our unpaid labours who eat up the harmful mealy bugs, aphids, caterpillars etc and help in pollination.

We could take up farm development projects, do free lance consulting for already developed farms and advice on better farming practices.