Who We Are

Dragonfly farm situated in the outskirts of Ahmedabad city, is owned by Anuja. It has been developed entirely by her, starting 15 years ago, when the first tree was planted on site.What started as a hobby and love for nature, has become a full time profession for creative yard work and gardening.

What We Do

  • Landscaping
  • Farming
  • Bonsai
  • Education
  • Nursery
  • Garden Accessories


About the Creator of Dragonfly farm

Anuja is a daughter of an army officer and was exposed to gardening at a very early age. She would often assist the professional “Maalis” or gardeners on the Military staff bungalows which expanded on acres of land, typical cantonment army echelon’s sprawling residence lawns. She took to competitive swimming and diving at the age of 11, spending 6 months in a year in England training under British Olympic Team coach. She trained in London with World Diving Champion Chris Snode along with the British Olympic team for all of her college years while representing India at various international competitions. 

She went on to become the Indian National High Board and Spring Board Diving Champion  and set new national records.

At 21, she joined Air India as an Air Hostess and lived in Mumbai. Anuja was fortunate to yet again travel around the globe for the next 10 years as Air India crew. After getting married, she moved to Ahmedabad and started developing her farm land, initially with fruit trees and then a fully landscaped garden.

She furthered her love for creativity in gardening by acquiring Bonsai training under nothing less than the best, Mrs. Jyoti Parekh and Nikunj Parekh in Mumbai and Solita and Chase Rosade in the U.S. Anuja has landscaped many residential and business spaces, often using her international experience and Bonsai techniques  for creating external and internal garden spaces.